To Complete your Roku Setup you Need To Visit the website www.Roku.com/link and Follow The Instructions Appear On the TV Screen. Complete guided Roku.com/Link code Setup Follow These Steps:-

  • Connect Your Roku Device To Your Television, Now Wait For The Light To Blink And Then Grab Your TV Remote. Push OK on Your TV’s Input or Source Button
  • Now You Will See a Roku Logo Bouncing Around The Screen. Push OK on Remote. You May Have To Pair Your Roku remote To the Roku Streaming Device.
  • www.roku.com/linkAfter Pairing Your Roku Remote You Need To Select Your Preferred Language and Push Continue To Get to the Next Screen.
  • Now You Need To Select Your WiFi Network To Connect with Your Roku Streaming Device, Push OK Button After Selecting your Preferred Wireless Network. and Then Enter The Password Of Wireless Network. Push OK to Connect to The Wireless Network.
  • After Connecting To Wireless Network You Need To Update Your Roku Player To Get the Latest Software, After Getting The Latest Software Your Roku Player Will Restart and You Will Get The Next Prompt. Now Go TO Roku.com/link and Enter the Code from your TV Screen.

HOW TO Setup www.Roku.com/Link

  • After Updating Your Roku Device To the Latest Software, You Need To Visit www.Roku.com/link and Enter The Code Which Appears On your Television Screen.
  • After Entering Your Code From Your Television Screen. You Will Be Prompted To the Screen Where You Can Sign in or Sign Up if you Don’t Have a Roku Account. This Process. You Can Choose To Add a Pin On Your Roku Account. This Pin Will be Your Key While Making a Purchase On Your Roku Account.
  • After Creating Your Roku Account Pin, You Will Need To Provide A Valid Payment Method To Make a Convenient way Of Purchasing Contents From Roku.
  • Now You Can Add Channels From the Roku Channel Store. Some Channels On the Roku Account either Need An Independent Subscription or You Can use Your Cable Provider Subscription To Watch Content On Your Roku Streaming Player. Now You Can Enjoy The Unlimited Streaming From Your Roku Streaming Player. You Can Add Multiple Channels From Roku Channel Store To your Existing Roku Account.

www.Roku.com/Link Activate

If you are Stuck At Any point of Roku.com/link simply call our Toll free Number for Help. Roku com Link Provide Best Technical Help For Roku Code Activation Support. Our Technicians Will Assist you to Complete your Roku Setwww.Roku.com/Link Activateup Step by Step. You need Not worry If you are Stuck on Roku.com/link.

www.Roku.com/Link Code

While Entering A network Security Key If You Entered A Wrong Combination Of Latter or Number Your Roku Player will Be Stuck at a Screen of Error Code 014.

  • To Resolve The Error Code 014 on Your Roku Media Player Make Sure You Enter The Correct Combination Of Network Security Key of Your WiFi Network. If You are Still Stuck at the Same Screen. Consider Doing a Power Cycle Of All The Devices. First Turn Of your Roku and Then Your Wireless Router, After Waiting For Few Moments, You Can First Turn On Your Wireless Router And Then Turn On Your Roku Device. It Should Take Care of This Issue If You Are Still Stuck with the Same issue, Consider Contacting The customer Support For more Help.
  • After The Complete Roku Setup and Roku.com/link If You want To add more Channels To your Existing Roku Account. You Need To Visit Roku Channel Store And Add the channel You Wish For. Or you Can Add The Channel Directly From Your TV Screen. If You Require Assistance with Your Roku Channel Store Call Our Experts At Toll-Free.

Connect your Roku to your television via an HDMI cable. Press the input or source button on your Television remote. Go to the option where you connected your Roku to via HDMI. You will see Roku Logo bouncing up and down

  • Press OK Button and Follow the Prompts appearing on TV. Select the Preferred language, Now you will be prompted to the screen where you can see all the available Network, Select your wifi and Push continue.
  • Enter your Network Security Key, Push connect. Now you will see three green dots on your screen lighting up one at a time. Now you will be required to Update the Software of your Roku device. Once the Software is up to date your Roku player will restart. After the update, you need to Go to Roku.com/link to Complete the Roku Setup Process.
  • After visiting the Website Enter the Given Code From your TV and Press Submit. You can Log into Your Existing Roku account or Setup a new Roku account. Select the Channels You want to Have on your Roku account. Now Push continue. Off you, Now your Roku Player is set up and ready to use. you can enjoy the unlimited streaming experience Via your Roku streamer.

Common Mistakes:-

  • Not connecting the HDMI cable Properly to the Roku or TV. Make sure cable is Properly plugged in.
  • Entering the Wrong Network Security Key, Make sure You Enter the correct Wifi Security Key to connect to your Wifi Network.
  • Visiting the Wrong URL. make Sure you Type www.Roku.com/link in your Address bar, not in the search bar.
  • Adding more channels To the Roku Account: To add more channels to your Roku account is Follow the Guided Setup. Go to Roku.com and Sign into your Roku account. Now go to channel Store and Select the channel you wish to watch on your tv screen.
  • Some channels on Roku Channel Store need a Subscription Either through your Cable Provider or thru the independent channel company. Make sure you add Those channel according to your Subscription. You can also add Pandora, crackle,  youtube, TubiTV or other channels Which are Free of cost
  • After adding the channels go To your Roku home Screen and then Go to settings. In settings Go to System and Then System Updates. Select continue and After the update, your Roku streaming player will restart and then you can Go to Home Screen and Select the Channel You wish To watch.
www.Roku.com/Link Summary

Here is a quick guided setup for ease of the steps:-

  • connect cables
  • setup a wireless connection
  • update the software
  • visit www.Roku.com/link
  • Enter the code
  • create an account
  • add channels
  • Finish the Setup

www.Roku.com/Link Code Setup

In case you are still having the issue with your Roku Setup or Visiting www.Roku.com/link, you can call our Experts for Instant Help At Toll-Free Or Star a Live Chat From the Bottom Right Hand of the Screen.

To manage the channels on Your Roku account, visit the Roku.com/link and Sign in to Roku Account, visit the Channel Store and Add or Remove the Channels From here.
To Remove the Channels from Your Roku Account Follow These Steps:-

  1. Go to the home screen, select the “Streaming Channel” option.
  2. Afterward, choose the channels you wish to eliminate and press OK to uninstall them.
  3. Click on the remove channel
  4. To Setup your Roku Account Without a Credit Card Visit the Following URL and Follow the Steps:
  5. There you Can Create An Account Without Adding A payment Method On your Roku Account And Put a New Roku Device To the Account.
  6. Get End Number of Channels on www.Roku.com/link Increasing Price of Cable Bills has Made People Move Towards Other Entertainment Devices. This is Where Roku Start to Show How Useful it can be With a Very Less Price than Your Cable Bills. You can Visit Roku.com/link or My.roku.com/link or Try Www.Roku.com/link for More Options on Media Contents. Try Getting Instant Support From Our Website also. If you Like Our Services you can also Subscribe to one of Our Services too.
    Some Common Questions from Roku Users and Their answers.
    Robert Williams:- How Do I Complete my www.Roku.com/link Code Setup?
    Ans:- Please make sure you Type the Given URL in the URL box only as people Tend to make a Mistake while doing the initial Setup. You can also Get help From our Technician who is Going to Guide you How to Setup roku.com/link Step by Step if you are not able to Complete the Setup.
    Ammy Jackson:- Is there a Way to Skip the www.Roku.com/link code from my TV screen?
    Answer:- You can not use your Roku Device unless you Complete the Roku Setup. You need to Link your Roku Device to The account by Visiting Roku.com/link. If you Don’t have an Account don’t Worry, Just Follow the Prompts From your TV screen and you will be able to create a Roku account also.
    Norman Osborn: Is Roku.com/link is a Safe Website?
    Ans: Roku.com/link is a Very Safe Website owned by Its Respective Company Roku. You can Visit the Official Roku Website to Get more info About it. Roku Technical Support
    Jimmy Olson:- How do I contact www.Roku.com/link Website to Get my Roku Hooked up?
    Ans:-You can Get your Roku Connected by Visiting Official Roku Website or Try Their Support number to Get Help. In case you are not Getting Proper Satisfaction you can also Try Our 24*7 Support By Calling the Display Number from Top.
    Logan Paul:- I want to Setup my Roku Device without Roku.com/link,is it possible?
    Ans: Dear Sir, as Mentioned Before you cannot set up any Roku Device with the link to an Account.
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    Mike Theodore: I wanted to set up my Roku for Free channels. This Website Helped me To get the www.Roku.com/link and all of its other Component.

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