Roku not working

One of the quick ways to fix Roku not working is to check Roku remote. For that, Open battery in Roku remote. First, remove the batteries from the Roku remote to fix Roku not working. After this, reboot the Roku device. For this, remove the power cable.  Wait for a few moments. Now to insert batteries back in remote and connect the power cable to Roku device. When the home screen appears, pair remote with Roku TV. The remote pairing dialogue should appear on your TV screen.

Few are some basic Roku Troubleshooting techniques and some help for new users about the device and also some FAQ’s for the Roku device:-

Unable to update Roku activation code

Your Roku not working?  Follow these steps to fix :

  • Use your Roku remote and press the start button to get a new code >> Create a new Roku account >
  • In addition, ensure you enter the valid Roku activation code or Roku com link enter code > restart your Roku device > besides, contact our team of experts and get a new activation code >>
  • also, resume all the steps from the beginning check your wireless network connection >> hope that the above steps are useful to complete Roku express troubleshooting.
  • Furthermore, see more on how to activate Roku with 

Roku streaming stick not responding, Roku not working

  • Check if Roku is plugged into power and HDMI port. Still Roku not working and does not display? No Power?
    Ensure that the power light on the Roku streaming stick is on and flashing.
  • If not a possible issue is that the device is not receiving power. Check and make sure the micro-USB is plugged into the wall, and make sure that it is plugged into the Roku.
  •  In case the light is not on, inspect the micro-USB port for any damage. If the port looks damaged then the port could have issues sending power. If the port looks fine then check the wire for cuts and frays.
  • loose display connector. Make sure that the Roku streaming stick is properly connected to the HDMI port of the screen you are using.
  • Push in either side of the HDMI cord to ensure that it is fastened in. Make sure that the screen’s input is set to the appropriate HDMI port.
  • You can check this by hitting the input button on the remote of the t.v. you are using and changing it to the appropriate input.

Roku not working

Faulty network connection might be the culprit. Online apps are present on the system, but when accessing apps that use online services errors are received. Message “low signal strength“. This message means that the app does not have a strong enough signal. or does not have any signal to get data for the app.

  • If so navigate to the settings menu and click on the internet option. Simply turn the WI-FI on and off. it should reconnect the WI-FI. If this does not solve it contact your internet provider about possible connection issues.
  • There are extended dongles that Roku provides from that could help with this issue.
  • Some common issues will occur while connecting your Roku device through the internet either wired or wireless. You may face Roku error code 009 and 014 due to this.

 resolve Roku error code 009

Check that your internet connection is active from another device. You may need to adjust DNS settings on your router. Go to “advanced router settings”:-

  • Update your router’s firmware. Change your wireless channel to a less congested one. Adjust ACL/mac address filtering
  • Adjust wireless security mode. Change DNS servers
  • These steps will definitely resolve the problems Roku error code 009

 resolve Roku error code 014

  • Connect your Roku to your router using an ethernet cable. Complete the setup for an ethernet connection in the Roku settings.
  • Choose the wireless connection option in internet settings on the Roku.
  • After choosing the wireless option, choose your network name. Enter your password. You should now be connected to your wireless network.

What should I do if my streaming player is not connecting to my wireless network?

Your streaming player connects to your wireless network the same as your laptop or smartphone.  If these other devices can access the internet, then your streaming player should be able to do the same.

Make sure to select the same network name, and enter the same password you use with the other devices. remember that passwords are case-sensitive and easy to enter incorrectly. For more help, visit Roku Troubleshooting

Can I take my Roku streaming player with me when I travel?

Yes. You can bring your streaming player and watch your favourite entertainment when you travel. Remember to also bring the power adapter, remote and any cables. That you use to connect your streaming player at home.

Make sure your destination has a good internet connection. You will also need a computer or smartphone with wireless capabilities. With that, a web browser. Which will help get your streaming player connected to the network? For more details, visit with Roku

Why do I need to enter a credit card?

Saving a payment method makes it easy to rent or buy movies on demand, subscribe to popular services, and enrol in free trials. Charges will not be made without your authorization. For more information, visit

Why do I need to create a Roku account?

Before you can start streaming, channels must be downloaded and installed on your streaming player. To accomplish this, your streaming player must be linked to a Roku account. With a Roku account, you can add channels from the Roku Channel Store. you can also manage your subscriptions, view your purchase history. Also, update payment method. For more information, visit go Roku com/account.

How to resolve channel playback error:

Channel play black error occurs while you stream your favourite videos. Roku screen freezes and you cannot stream any videos or movies. To resolve the above error, find the Roku express troubleshooting steps below:-

  • Play the video on any other channel. Use a different streaming device. Check and ensure that you use a secure internet connection.
  • To check the wireless network connection, you can go to settings > network.
  • Use a valid Roku account and sign in credentials. Go to settings > system > power > system restart and restart your device, also try not to connect multiple devices to the router. Now, unplug the router and then plug in back again.
  • Set up a new wireless network connection.

How to use the Roku player after activated?

Once you have activated your Roku device, you are ready to experience the grace and charm your Roku device streams with. But you first need to add your favourite channels to your device from the ‘channel store’. Activate them by entering the channel activation codes which you received after adding the channels into the channels’ respective activation sites. Now you can start streaming. you can also purchase Roku add on-demand channels. Get them from the ‘channel store’ and enjoy full features of Roku.

Although the chances of problems showing up in your Roku device are very rare, we are here to solve these and many other issues:

  • Roku com link issue
  • Rokucomlink account activation
  • Unable to find Roku activation code
  • Support for Roku channel activation
  • Freezing issues
  • Roku activation code is not valid
  • Playback issues
  • How to find URL
  • How to find Roku comlink
  • Help for Roku error codes
  • Wireless network issues

Not able to play a specific video

Sometimes specific videos that you might want to see do not load on your Roku device.

Frequent buffering issues

A video does not stop buffering and buffers very frequently. Not able to play the videos on any channel, This problem usually occurs due to no network availability.

Roku Wi-Fi out of range

If your Roku player is not connecting to wi-fi, it is possible that the wifi signal from the router is out of range. In order to strengthen the signal, move the router and Roku. so that there are fewer objects and walls between them. you should also avoid putting the router in the basement, near a window, or near other electronics that may emit interference.

do not place the Roku device or the router in enclosed areas that can block the signal. You could also re-orient the router’s antennas towards the device. For the most reliable connection, you may connect the Roku directly to the router via an ethernet cable.

Fix Roku streaming when Roku not working

The system needs to be rebooted. It may be necessary to reboot both the router and the Roku player. Unplug both devices and wait 5 seconds before plugging them back in. retry wireless connection setup. Roku Troubleshooting 

Wrong IP address:

If your device is unable to connect to your network, check your IP settings for your wireless connection. Under settings, go to Wi-Fi and select your network settings. If the method to obtain the IP address is set to “manual”, change this to “automatic”.

Low video quality:

Your Roku is connected to the high-speed internet but is streaming poor video quality. The weak connection between Roku and router.
To strengthen the connection between your Roku and router. move your Roku to a higher area or away from any other devices that may be interfering with the connection. If this does not work, update your router firmware. To do this refer to the section entitled “applications crashing.”

Fix Roku not working: the speed of the broadband connection:

To increase the speed of your broadband connection, discontinue the use of any other devices connected to the network being used by the Roku.

Roku Applications crashing

Your application crashes or freezes randomly while using it.

Roku Bugged application

If your applications are crashing or freezing often, then there may be an issue with the application. Try closing out the application you are currently using and open another one.

check to see if the problem reoccurs. If that application also crashes, then try rebooting your device. This can be done by unplugging the device, waiting several seconds, and then plugging it back in

Roku firmware out of date

Your Roku may not be up-to-date to be able to the new updates to your applications. To solve this, go to the home screen and enter the settings. under settings, select System. then system update, and check now. If an update is available, apply the update and check the functionality of your applications.

Roku Updating errors

The Roku device will not update and an error message or code appears on the screen. A firewall is blocking the connection with the Roku update server If your Roku is not updating, you may need to disable the firewall.

To do this, log into your router settings. For Windows devices, you do this by opening a browser and connecting to That should be the default for almost all routers.

find the firewall section. click that section and turn off the firewall. TV not communicating with Roku update server The TV might not be properly connecting with the Roku update server.

To fix this, you can connect to the secret screen and update from there, to get to the secret screen use your remote to press home five times, fast forward three times, rewind two times. next, scroll to “update software” and click “OK.”

How to factory reset Roku before returning or giving away?

Before you return, sell, or gift your existing Roku streaming player or Roku tv, we recommend you perform a factory reset which will:

  • Erase your personal preferences.
  • unlink your Roku device from your Roku account.
  • Reset all settings and return your Roku device to a state ready for initial setup.
  •  Performing a factory reset from the device settings

Reset Roku

  •  Press the home button home on your Roku remote.
  •  Scroll up or down and select Settings.
  •  Select system >> select advanced system settings >> select factory reset >> select factory reset everything and follow the on-screen instructions >>Performing a factory reset using the hardware reset button.
  •  On the back or bottom of each Roku device is a reset button. on some devices, there is a tactile button, while other devices have a pinhole button. If your device has a pinhole button, you will need a paperclip to perform the factory reset. once the reset button is located and your Roku device is powered on, press and hold the reset button firmly for up to 20 seconds. The indicator light will blink rapidly on most Roku devices when the factory reset is complete