Roku PIN Reset

You can have your Roku PIN reset by calling our Customer Support number or You can Chat online with our Technical Expert to get your Roku Pin Reset. A Roku Pin Will be required when you try to make a purchase from Roku Media Store. You can Add or remove Roku Content from your Roku Device by simply entering your Roku Pin which will enable you to have Access on any of these Contents Easily.

How to Set a PIN for your Roku Device

It’s easy to set a PIN for your Roku Streaming Device and Also it is a smart decision to prevent unauthorized or unintentional purchases on Your Roku Account.

To begin setup of your Roku Pin, Go to URL

Press the button in the middle under “Pin Preference”.

Roku Website provides you with three pin options as Listed Below:

  • Require a four-digit PIN to add any channel, even free channels Will ask for A Four Digits Pin.
  • Require a four-digit PIN only when making a purchase.
  • Do not require a PIN when adding channels or making a purchase.

To reset the Roku Pin You can Visit the URL and click Update under “Pin Preference”.

Roku PIN Number Reset

During the Roku Account Setup, you will be required to Setup a Four Digits Roku Pin. A Roku Pin is for Customer’s Security and to Stop Unauthorized Users to buy Any movie or Channel From Customers Account.

Roku pin resetRoku Pin Code Reset

A PIN is basically a Personal Identification Number for User To help Customer Protect the Account From the Additional Purchases. If Customer does not Require any additional Pin on his Roku Account, Log into Roku account and Disable the Pin Option. From Roku, End A Pin an Always Suggested to stop the Unwanted charges on the Debit or Credit card saved on Roku File.

Roku PIN Number

It allows the user to control when channels or movies can be added and when purchases can be made using the Roku Device attach to the Same Roku Account.
If you do not have a Pin On your Roku Account, We Strongly Recommend you to set up one. To set it up, log in to your Roku account online. Then click Update next to Channel Store PIN. Now select how you want to use your four-digit PIN. Either require it for making purchases or for adding channels – including free ones Through Your Roku Account. Once you are done Setting it up Select the Save Option and Wait for Few moments. After a Successful Update of Your Roku Preferences, You can Make your Roku Purchases More Securely and Easily. Once you create a PIN, It must be entered to approve any transaction with Roku Channel Store. For More Help Regarding this Issue, you can Visit the Roku Website or Also get instant Support From our Expert to Get it done Online.

Chat with our Experts to get instant online help to get Roku PIN

You can call our Experts at our Toll-Free Number or Also Chat with Us to get it resolved.

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