Roku Error code 014

Troubleshooting Steps for Roku error code 014

  • To fix the issue of showing Roku error code 014, disconnect the network pings. go on home icon and press the x5 and by selecting further buttons go to the option showing ‘Platform secret screen. When you are in the Platform secret screen, then navigate through the menu available and select ‘disable network pings. Then you would be able to fix the error and able to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • If you are unable to follow the above-mentioned method because you cannot find the ‘Disable network pings’ could be due to the not updated software. Chances are that the Roku device’s software is not updated.

Now to update the Roku device’s software, connect the Roku device with any other Network connection. It could be your smartphone or maybe tablet’s cellular hotspot. You can also connect the Roku with your router physically using the ethernet cable. Roku error code 014

Once you are connected to the internet connection with your Roku, go for the Software update. Again press the home icon and x5 button to unlock the secret screen. Once you are in the secret screen, select the update software and wait for the Roku to finish installing and then reboot.

Now you have updated the software, now you can disable the network pings and for that please follow the above-mentioned procedure to disable network pings. After doing this, connect to the wifi network. As you had already disabled the network pings, hence you would be able to connect to the network successfully without any issues and therefore the Roku error code 014 is fixed here.

Understanding the Roku code 014

You must be wondering what is this Roku error code 014. It is basically an error code and generally appears when you enter your wifi password. it means the Roku cannot connect to your wireless network.

Possible causes of Roku code 014

  1. The password which you entered is wrong. Be known that the password is case sensitive.
  2. The router with which you are trying to connect is too far away and not getting the required signal strength.
  3. There is whitelist enabled on your wifi router
  4. There could be some network setting error with your router
  5. Mostly the chances are an antivirus or firewall is blocking the Roku’s access to the internet

A quick guide to fix the  of Roku Error code 014

The possible causes also open the door to possible troubleshooting ways. Hence you can follow below-mentioned troubleshooting methods:

  • Verify the password which you are entering is correct and be mindful the characteristic of the password which is case sensitive.
  • Verify that the router with which you are connecting the Roku device is not too far away. A regular wifi router has a range of about 25 feet in closed areas. However, the range is more in open areas.
  • Reboot the router. To do this first power off the router and after 30 seconds power it on.
  • Restart the router and Roku with an ethernet cable, the Roku error code 014 simply means that ethernet cable is not working fine. To fix this simply replace the ethernet cable.
  • Another method entails the rebooting Roku device. to do this turn of the Roku device by simply removing the power cable. After the lights go off on your Roku device, also power off the wifi router. Please check that the lights go off the router, so unplug the power cable from the router.

Wait for next 60 seconds, this enables the router to completely reboot. After waiting, power on the wifi router and wait for next 60 seconds, this makes sure that the router is completely rebooted. To verify that the router is completely on and connected tot he internet; check it with your smartphone or tablet or PC.

After you had checked the network connection is working now, connect the Roku with power. When the power is on, on your Roku device, try to connect it with a wifi network and follow the further activation process of the Roku device. After following this method you would be able to fix the error Roku code 014.

  • If above-mentioned solution didn’t work for you and you are still facing the Roku error code 014, then do not despair. Another way to fix the Roku device error code.  Lets reset the Roku device back to its factory settings and re-enter the all the new settings. Resetting the Roku box or stick. to do this, reset the Roku device with factory settings which will wash away all pre-done settings and default settings will be applicable.

To reset the Roku device, it’is fairly easy. Just press the reset button on the back of the Roku and hold it for few seconds. Also, you can reset the Roku device by switching to the Roku screen and there from the Roku home screen, press the up button on the Roku remote and the menu bar will be activated. Here select the settings and from the menu choose the factory reset option. After it again selects the factory reset option and clicks on yes to do the factory reset.

After this, you need to set up the Roku device again. When the Roku will restart, the Roku device will prompt for selection of time zone. After entering the correct time zone details, select the done. After the submission in the next screen, there will be a unique code to link your Roku device. Open a web browser of your choice, on your computer.

When the web browser is opened, go to the address bar URL of web browser and enter the web address Here enter the unique code which was displayed by the Roku player over the TV screen. you may have done this on your first setup but if you see the code on the TV screen, enter the code.

Now login to Roku account and follow all prompted instructions which include a selection of payment methods which you will use to payment of the bill and channel subscription of Roku device and electing your initial channel lineup. This will complete the linking process.

After doing the factory reset, connect the Roku device with an ethernet cable and follow the activation process. Now after connecting the Roku device with wifi network, let the Roku device to update the software. Once you are done with software update process; please remove the ethernet cable and connect it with wifi. Now you would not see the Roku error code 014.

  • Another possible fix for Roku error code 014 for Roku is to power cycle all devices connected to directly or indirectly to the Roku device. So try to reboot the devices, the Roku device, and the router. Plug out the connection between both devices; Roku and router. After a few minutes, plug in both the devices and vice versa startup both devices. Check with the DNS setting.
  • Another way of probing is to check the beneath settings. Under wifi, click on the network settings. If your IP address is checked as manual, do it as automatic. Google’s public DNS may work for Roku. If the DNS is set up correctly then the Roku should be connected to the internet correctly.
  • Also, another way to fix it to check the network speed. measure the network speed. To help resolve the issue, you will receive some directives on the screen, if your internet signal is poor or if the signal strength is weak. To see verify if you can see the check connection option, if not then would see setup connection. Before you can check your internet connection, you have to set up your hardware and the device settings on the network.
  • Also, the Wireless network names when wrongly selected can lead to Roku errors during a scan, if you are manually entering the name of your network, you must enter it carefully too. Finally, check with your ISP if you have forgotten the correct name of your wireless network.

There you need to check with router connectivity. Go to your PC or your smartphone and launch a browser to see if you can access a public website. You can also try signing in to your Roku account and check the network status.

This way you can check if your router is actually working well. If your router is providing internet access through another device, then it means your network is adequate. But if the other devices also do not connect, then you may want to try and restart the router or just contact your ISP for help.

If nothing of above is wrong then check with internet speed. you need to improve the network connectivity speed. If the router seems to be functioning well, the network name selected is correct and the password entered is correct too, then there must be an issue with the strength of the signal that you are receiving.

The farther you take your Roku device away from your router, the weaker the signal is. Also, see if there are any obstacles. Move cabinets out of the pathway between your device and the router. The wireless signal will automatically improve with these tips.

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