The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American public broadcaster and television program distributor to activate this channel visit’s a non-profit organization and is the most prominent provider of government-funded educational television programming to public television stations in the United

You can Watch your favorite programs from PBS and your local station on your PBS app through Your Roku Device. It allows you to Go Through Multiple Content of PBS channel. Here you Can Enjoy the Most Awaited TV Shows And Movie Without any Kind Of Subscription. When you are on your Roku TV and receive a message to activate, take note of the activation code. On your computer, tablet, or phone open up any internet Browser and Visit WWW.PBS.ORG/Activate and You Will see a similar Screen To the Image shown in the First Title. Here You Can Create a Free account and Attach your Activation Code with the Account you have. You will get a message saying “Activation Successful”. Summary

Here is a Very Quick Summary to do this Step by Step

follow the steps below to remove the PBS channel from your Roku device and re-add the same channel

Open the PBS channel app on your Roku device.
At the top of the channel, the app goes to the Settings menu.
In the settings menu, at the bottom of the Screen, select the Deactivate Device option. The screen will not change at all.
Leave the PBS channel as it is and go back to the main screen of the Roku user interface by pressing the Home button. This will give the PBS channel app the time to reset and deactivate itself.
Open the PBS channel app again. You will see a new screen on TV saying the channel needs to be activated.
Activation instructions appear on the TV screen along with an activation code.
Go to your computer tablet or mobile devices and go to
Enter the activation code in the text-box provided and click Continue.
Your Roku PBS app has been activated. Return to Roku TV Screen to begin watching videos.

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