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Roku code setup
If you want to do the Roku setup and Activate Roku Code, firstly you must have connected your Roku device with your Roku account. Your Roku account holds the information regarding your Roku settings and preferences including your Roku’s installed channels. Activate Roku Code

Quick steps to  Activate Roku Code:

Get the Roku code from your TV with which you had installed Roku device. Open the web browser of your choice and Enter the code in the text field of web page using a tablet or smartphone or in PC.
Submit the payment information, select your favorite channels and you are finished with the streaming part. Say it, stream it. Perform a voice search via your Android and OS cell apps.
If you have the new model of Roku (model 4230), you will have the choice to use the search button on the remote as well. Enjoy your new device. Roku device can stream HD content material in 720p, 1080p or 4k resolution depending on the Roku player which you chose.
Guide to find Roku code from your TV
Firstly connect the Roku device to the Tv by using the composite cables or High-Speed HDMI Cable. and then please make sure the remote you are using with Roku must be working by checking the battery as if they are working and if not, change the batteries with a new one.
After this come to your Roku device and TV. There you will have to connect the power connector to your Roku device along with connecting the power adapter to the main power supply. You have to keep in mind that the right TV input is chosen on your TV. You have to select that input on which your Roku device is connected to. If you have checked this, then you can turn on the TV and move further with the software part of the setup.
There you will see the Roku logo bouncing on your TV screen. This indicates that the Roku device is successfully bunded up with the TV.

Activate Roku Code for Roku Setup

If you don’t see the Roku logo on the screen, then you have to get in touch with support for Roku. We are going to help you regarding this issue and deliver the most suitable solution. Activate Roku Code and Get in touch with one of our experts at any time to have a properly working Roku player. If it’s a too hassle for you to set up, Just call and let our dedicated staff assist you. Roku link code support: We offer assistance in setting up and customizing the channels of your choice in Roku player. our tech support offers the best Roku support. (Tollfree)
Now connect with the available internet connection. It could any of your choice; wired or wireless. if you choose a wireless network that you want to connect your Roku device to. Enter the password to the network and get connected. But, make sure that the network you are connecting, your Roku to should be the same on which your computer and/or smartphone is connected.
After this, you need to select a language. Activate Roku Code and Roku comes in multiple languages. After your Roku device is turned on, you will see Roku logo followed by the screen where you will have to choose your preferred language. You are going to see all text and dialog within the Roku app is going to be displayed in the selected language. You have to choose the right language by scrolling up and down the list. If some channel has content in only foreign languages, then that can’t be changed from the language option, as that is completely up to the channel provider to translate the channel.

Activate Roku Code and Link

At the moment when your Roku is connected to the selected network, it will start upgrading its network. Do not stop this process even if you are doing the installation second time or even if this not you’re first-time to install Roku device. Waiting for Roku device to download the latest software
After the latest software is installed the Roku device will reboot itself to apply the installed software. After rebooting it gives you a code that’s called Roku Activation Link Code, The first thing that Roku will do after getting connected to the internet is to check if there is a software update available or not. If there is an update, then it will be downloaded automatically followed by rebooting the device. Activate Roku Code
As the Roku device is successfully updated and setup, now its time to activate your Roku device. to the activation process, you have to a computer, laptop or Smartphone with an internet connection. With these things to | The Official Site of Roku in a new browser. You can use any web browser of your choice and basically need to open the which is the official website of Roku and And enter Roku Activation Code into here and click on submit button here.
Create an account on Roku, please sign up with your personal information like Your Name, Last Name, Email Address, Your Password and other. You will see all the instructions on the TV regarding activating your Roku player including Roku link code activation. You will have to go to Activate Roku Code | The Official Site of Roku on your smartphone or computer, enter the code and follow the instructions that you see in order to activate the device.
When the account information is filled and after the submission option, you will see that your Roku account has been created.
Choose the payment method and make the PIN. Choose your favorite channels: The process of activating the Roku player can only be done if the device is linked to a Roku account. Once linked, your Roku player will refresh to a congratulations screen and be ready for use.
The importance of having a Roku account can be found out from the fact it won’t be possible for you to keep a track of the Roku devices you own and add free channels or purchase channels from Roku channel store like Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, YouTube, HBO and more.
Now to own an account with Roku, you must create the Roku account.

Activate Roku Code and Setup your DeviceActivate Roku Code

Please follow the instructions mentioned below to create an account on Roku:
When the Roku device is getting power up, summary information is displayed, then navigate to the website of and enter the unique code which you got on a TV screen after connecting with the Roku device.
The linking code is very important, You will activate your Roku account with the help of this Roku code. When entering into the Roku’s website, a screen will open prompted for Activate Roku Code.
Enter that Roku code and the Activate Roku Code process will begin. After that, you will be redirected towards the Roku account, here Register the Roku account for a few additional details post account creation. You always have the choice to delete this after account creation from Roku account info.
Now you will be prompted for payment method. Select here the payment method which you will use in future or you can also skip this by selecting skip card info option.
After this, you will be asked about the setup of the PIN number. In this firstly add four-digit pin number information into your Roku account. This is an authentication step for future purpose. Keep in mind that it is a necessary step for purchase or adds channels to your Roku Link Account.
Whenever you want to add or purchase a new channel you will be asked for this PIn number so keep a diary and write it somewhere so that you would not forget it; however in condition of adding free channel you will not be asked to enter this PIN number, there only the normal user ID and password are necessary.
After this, you need to supply your payment details. There is a web page form that you need to fill for payment details. There enter the details for the card number, date of expiration, 3 or 4 digit code, your name, address, and phone. Don’t worry as all card details are completely secure with Roku’s website and would not be disclosed to any external party.
With this, you must understand the process of removing the card info from your Roku account. First, make use of the Payment Method settings to remove your card or PayPal account information. After doing this, click the remove button situated under payment method. By doing this you will remove the payment method details from your Roku account’s settings.
Note: If you want to remove and replace a channel on your Roku account, then there are two ways to delete channels: log into the Roku account or access the Roku channel store to delete Roku approved channels or you can also remove channels from your Roku Player.

Troubleshooting of entering payment details,In case of payment details failure, please enter another card or PayPal info if you do have. In case there is failure notice about several times like after maximum five attempts you can proceed further without trying again.

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