Roku Wifi Setup

To complete your Roku wifi setup , you need to follow these steps


Roku Wifi Setup

Roku players available on you to access the Spectrum TV channel and other TV channel apps on your TV.  The given information will help you connect your Roku player to your wireless network.

You need to name your wireless network system while connecting your roku TV to your home wireless network system.  You can scan all the networks with the Roku device.
The one ordered by the wireless signal is presented.roku wifi setup



*  You can see that your mobile phone or computer is connected to the network to check that your roku device will       be connected to the same network.
*  If you do not see your network name on the list of any networks found in the “Selecting a Network” screen, then       scan it once again to see the entire network, which will present all available networks in a list.
*  If you’ve forgotten the name of your wireless network,  then go to the appropriate sites for your Internet service       provider or router manufacturer, along with the router’s default name below.



*  You enter the same computer password that you use to connect your mobile or computer device to your home         network.
*  If you’ve forgotten your password,  go to a support site for your router manufacturer.  To get it to know the                password of your products again.

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* Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the Roku player and the other end into the HDMI port on      your TV.
* Some Roku players allow for a wired internet connection.  If applicable,  connect the Roku player to your In-home     WiFi router using an Ethernet cable.
* Plug one end of the power adapter into the Roku player and the other end into a wall outlet or power strip.
* Insert the batteries provided into the Roku remote.

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