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Here are some useful steps to support for support:

  • Step(1) support For Activation and Roku Setup
  • step(2) Help in accessing more than 200+ Free Channels
  • step(3) Help to Set Up Your Roku Player Help with Code
  • step(4) Help To Find Roku activation  Code
  • step(5) Technical Support For Roku
  • step(6) Private Channels Will Add like Netflix, Hulu plus 
  • step(7)setup your Roku account
  • step(8) Roku playback issues
  • step(9) support for Roku activation
  • step(10) up-grade /update Roku
  • step(11) Roku TV screen shows blank
  • step(12) Problems during channel switching

All the above issues can be resolved by support services as we have well qualified technician  Go.Roku/technical support services, you have a large option of choices in terms of support plans, price range  fast resolution time, all time support etc. These services are becoming convenient for a user as all their system requirements are getting filled with home from just a simple phone call Once we get that device  we are also sure about the maintenance requirements that are going to show up in the near future We need to keep our devices updated and maintained to keep them working and if in case they start to give any sort of trouble, troubleshoot them right away Sometimes the device itself malfunctions and causes the users trouble this usually happens in very rare cases as your device is certified first for any software and hardware issues before making it to your house. Still if in any case a problem comes up or the user needs support to clear his doubts and understand the device functioning, you can query us anytime. Make a free call on our technical phone support and our executives will solve your problem within no time. support

How to contact support

Once you have visited to support you are ready to experience the grace and charm your Roku device streams with. In order to stream anything on support  first need to add your favorite channels to your device from the Channel Store After adding the channels activate them by entering the channel activation codes which you received after adding the channels into the channels  respective activation sites Roku provides the variety of channels for all categories such as movies TV shows live shows kids home, sports, music, news and much more. Moreover, it allows you to watch free as well as the paid channel. Also Roku channel store provides you more than 100 free entertainment

Here are some steps for support issues:

  •  Unable to find Roku activation code
  • Roku activation code is not valid
  • Wireless network issues
  • Freezing issues
  • How to find go.Roku. com/technical support
  • Troubleshooting  issues

For more information to this article you can  visit:

Roku tech support number

Roku WiFi setup support Live chat

While support Roku does offer live chat as a way to get help  they also have a phone number. In total there are 4 ways get in touch with them The best number for Go. support  is their +1-855-333-6656 best to contact with Roku  support chat you can also get details details and use our free call-back service by finding the link for just clinking on it Roku offer customer care over live chat so we started compiling this information and best alternatives from customers like you. Please keep sharing what you know about contacting Roku technical support For better talking points and tips, be sure to tell us what kind of issue you are trying to message with support.

Here are some steps for support to do live chat with customers:                                                          support


  • Visit the Roku support page for customer service help:  Select an issue from the drop-down search bar and read the article that the help page leads you to to see if it can help you fix your issue
  • Click on Contact Support if you  need help: click on Contact Support to talk technicians which will assist you This will take you to a page with three options of either online chatting  sending an email or calling the Roku support people
  • You can start online  chat for immediate help: To start online live chat with technicians and type in your name email and phone number Click Start Chatting once your message is ready to be send.
  • if you have less urgent problem click on Email option: Click on email to begin filling out your contact information Type  your name email address and phone number before filling in your question  of the problem.
  • or You can Call support customer service: The Roku support number is +1-855-333-6656 you can call  anytime during the day will likely enable you to speak with our technicians


Where to contact support support is exactly as it seems: This idea is no different from the smart TV features incorporated by most TV manufacturers a standard HDTV which essentially has a Roku box built-in. Except that this is Roku excellent software, which means that the wait TV will have access to more than 1,000 channels, cross-platform search for movies and TV shows, and clean, simple user interface. Except that it is a great software for Go  means that waiting TVs will have access to more than 1,000 channels, cross-platform search for movies and TV shows, and clean, simple user interface an A Roku TV looks exactly the same.  This idea is not different from the smart TV features set up by most TV manufacturers, a standard HDTV in which essentially a Roku box difference Is inherent. Roku said that manufacturers will have the option to implement that feature on Roku TV, but it does not appear that these initial models will support the feature the Roku  TV looks like a standard Roku remote with some extra buttons for remote TV control. The big plus is the red power button on the top, as well as the volume rocker and a mute button. What the initial press photos do not show is the headphone jack feature, which is very popular on With a simple home screen, watch Stream Play. listen. Laugh Repeat With easy-to-use remote and automated software updates here are some information which are provided my the support support Roku TV is a smart TV that is easy to use and easy to love Setting up your Roku TV requires broadband internet connection, wireless router and power. Our guided setup will allow you to connect your device and install your favorite streaming channels, through activating your Roku TV Sit back and enjoy your favorite entertainment. Streaming services are very good but they are very expensive. Roku channel is available for a free option. There are no login information or fees to deal with some ads. Each Stop model will get the channel, which will be out of the fall Since the channel is organized by Roku, so users have to navigate to see all this that’s what to watch.The Roku app works with lots of work through whats on Tap the What’s On icon at the bottom of the app’s screen, and you’ll find organized shows and movies in those categories, which can be viewed with just one click from the page.

Roku Tech Support Number

To complete the setup to provide help for Roku tech support number here are some comprehensive technical support steps which include the following:

  • Step(1): Roku is not connecting to WiFi:   You need to plug into the power source outlet and then connect to the Roku  TV  secondly  Add to your preferred network with WiFi or you can connect through Ethernet cable. Roku tech support number
  • Step(2): Roku is not streaming: if the Roku setup is not streaming any application for ex Netflix You need to re-download the App press exit Netflix and then  you need to sign in to another Account

 Roku tech support number

  • Step(3): Roku is not Activating: if your Roku is not responding you need to select your wireless network and enter it on your laptop Desktop or tablet etc

 Roku tech support number

  • Step(4): Roku Remote is not working: In the issue for Roku remote you need too insert the fresh batteries and check the (-ve) signs to work properly.

 Roku tech support number

  • step(5): Support for all Roku issues: we make sure that you do not face any problem with your Roku setup we provide instant Roku tech support number  to ensure that we are here to provide help our technicians are available at 24/7 for assistance

How to Get  help with Roku tech support number

Through Roku digital media player video streaming, music, and entertainment content are possible. It is a DVD player without a disc. It is the hardware that connects to your Roku TV to allow you to watch TV streaming application you can Watch Netflix, Hulu, Fubotv, Hbogo, Sling, Pbs, etc. through Roku device easily. It means you can watch both types of content i.e. free and paid with this device. Roku has its different devices and product like Set-top box TV and also have higher abilities that they can provide you access to the host of the biggest content provider on Roku tech support  The Roku comes in five models  The Express and Express+ are the basic models with the Plus version also supporting TV  that don’t have HDMI ports. The Streaming Stick and Stick Plus have higher wireless specs and some additional features like voice search through the remote, with the Plus also supporting 4K and HDR video. The Ultra model has the same specs as the sticks but many additional features including an Ethernet connection  a micro SD slot for additional storage  a USB port for content on external drives  gaming buttons and a remote finder people are very fond of watching different channels on  Roku tech support number  TV but the interest in channels differ from person to person. Someone likes to watch the news in the morning and the other one like to watch a movie. TV is a part everyday routine for some people and they want regular information from different field through it For this need of people there are different channels so that people can watch according to their choice.

Here are some steps to know About Roku technical support number:

  • Roku is the biggest streaming channel solution Access a lot of movies and TV episodes on your own demand.
  • Roku is the extraordinary selection of free, subscription and rental channels. You can access services such as YouTube BBC I player Google play Movies and TV Netflix Hulu plus  Now TV   Amazon instant Crunchy Roll.
  • A user can Add or remove different channels according to their choices through the Roku channel store.
  • We provide our best range of user-friendly Roku that can help you stream movie more often, watch almost anything on your Roku TV without buffering and secure all of your family streaming demands.
  • Your networking system will have the foremost speed range and performance every time you look for it.
  • We only focus on the quality and with the goal of making you satisfied with your streaming experience so you can sit back relax and accomplish more.
  • Here we at Roku tech support number provides the world’s foremost technical support service supporting high-Quality cost effective reliable and result oriented Roku solutions.
  • We are the leading support provider and independent Roku tech support number service provider You can get the access to tech experts for Laptops Desktops Software Router  Modems Printers and other connected devices like kindle Roku and other devices you use.
  • With proper analysis of our customer problems and needs, we center our business in providing them with accurate secure and effective Roku tech support number.

Roku technical support number

Where to Get Roku tech support number

Roku is an awesome way to access TV channels from across the world and TV shows you may never have heard of it comes as a small dongle or box and remote control and uses your WiFi network to stream content to a TV phone or tablet  Most of Roku channels are free but some have a paid subscription which you manage through Roku. Roku is a simple system that works simply to the majority of the time  Roku Technical Support number whether you need another remote or want more features the Roku mobile app makes it even better to control your Roku streaming player. Use your keyboard to find out Turn on the volume with low hearing And see what’s going on with an easy entertainment guide Send a video  music  and photos to your TV  Roku streaming players are a more convenient way to watch TV  Just plug it into your  Roku TV  connect to the Internet  set up a Roku account  and start streaming your favorite channels with Roku you can also get your favorite channel by using Roku channel store Roku offers some hidden channels to their customers if they want to access them. These channels call Roku private channels and available on demand. Apart from this, these are so many hidden features that Roku offer

  • Roku Technical Support number Roku devices are easy to set up and use.
  • They come with a simple remote and powerful features like Roku Search that you want to see what you want to see
  •  Here is some Free content on channels like TV players, YouTube, BBC Sports, Sky News and Red Bull TV. Demand 5 and STV Player Catch Up TV BBC I Player, all 4 on channels like TV hub
  • Roku offers an affordable opportunity to access a wide range of movies and TV shows exclusively on user demand
  • Roku Tech Support number services that can help you stream movies all the more frequently, watch practically anything on your television without buffering and fulfill all of your family streaming channels choices.
  • The viewers or users can include or remove multiple channels according to their needs and desires via the Roku Channel Store.

Here are some internal links for more help with this website :


Roku Technical support number there is no better tech support provider than us Starting with the proper analyze of the  of the problem that we take a systematic approach in order to implementing the most suitable solutions our Roku tech support team  professionals will develop the skill for both software and hardware aspects of all versions of the Roku tech support the main focus on the quality and performance we work incessantly in order to achieve our goals of delivering prompt and precise tech support to our customers We don t just resolve the issue  but we impart the knowledge as well  so that when the same problem occurs through a rare chance our customers have the knowledge The Technicians are experts in resolving the Problem like these as We hire the technicians on the Bases of their technical Skill as well as Communication Skill  We offer you to connect multiple devices on The Same Roku Account at a time. call Roku tech support team for Instant help on Roku Products

Here are some steps related to Roku tech support problems to resolve:

  • Installation of Roku setup Activation
  •  Wireless connection issue on Roku Streaming Stick
  • Streaming issues with channels on Roku
  • Roku remote is not working properly
  • Roku player activation issues
  • Problems with installed channels
  • Troubleshooting issues on Roku player
  • Roku network connection problems
  • Getting video Quality issues
  • Roku device is not connecting with television
Why Do We Have Need Of A Roku tech support number Today a basic gadget for home and office clients? Nonetheless, there are numerous little or huge issues confronted by the client while working or interfacing with the switch. One of the regular issues with the switch is set up and the establishment of switch and system or overhauling the most recent drivers of the switch.  For this, you will require the assistance of a specialist expert to settle these blunders. A large portion of the Third Party Tech Support Companies offer 24×7 support to determine issues at whatever time and anyplace for their clients.  Our suggestion is to contacting our Roku tech support number Hence feel free to connect to Roku tech support service by just by visiting the official site of Roku. Or you can just move to help zone to avail instant and reliable customer service and assistance. 

Roku Wifi Setup

To complete your Roku wifi setup , you need to follow these steps


Roku Wifi Setup

Roku players available on you to access the Spectrum TV channel and other TV channel apps on your TV.  The given information will help you connect your Roku player to your wireless network.

You need to name your wireless network system while connecting your roku TV to your home wireless network system.  You can scan all the networks with the Roku device.
The one ordered by the wireless signal is presented.roku wifi setup



*  You can see that your mobile phone or computer is connected to the network to check that your roku device will       be connected to the same network.
*  If you do not see your network name on the list of any networks found in the “Selecting a Network” screen, then       scan it once again to see the entire network, which will present all available networks in a list.
*  If you’ve forgotten the name of your wireless network,  then go to the appropriate sites for your Internet service       provider or router manufacturer, along with the router’s default name below.



*  You enter the same computer password that you use to connect your mobile or computer device to your home         network.
*  If you’ve forgotten your password,  go to a support site for your router manufacturer.  To get it to know the                password of your products again.

Click here to visit


* Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the Roku player and the other end into the HDMI port on      your TV.
* Some Roku players allow for a wired internet connection.  If applicable,  connect the Roku player to your In-home     WiFi router using an Ethernet cable.
* Plug one end of the power adapter into the Roku player and the other end into a wall outlet or power strip.
* Insert the batteries provided into the Roku remote.

Visit official Roku Site here :- click here

You need to visit in order to complete your Roku setup.  Follow the instruction to Complete your Roku Setup in an easy way. Here are the Steps to Follow:-

  • Step (1):- Connect your Roku Device to the HDMI output of your TV. Once you connect it, make sure to power on the Roku device with a power adapter, Select the Input or Source button of your TV remote to get the Roku Screen on your TV.

  • Step(2):- Power up your Roku streaming stick then insert fresh batteries on your remote using the included power adopter ensures power to your Roku streaming stick than see the Roku logo on your tv
  •       step(3);- select  Input or source button then select your preferred language if it doesn’t then press remote button and look for flashing pairing
  • step(4); then afterword, choose Your wireless network and enter your password then it checks the latest  software   to update, and then your Roku player automatically restarts once the update is installed

  • step(5) After updating your Roku device latest software you need to visit and enter the code which you see on your tv screen.

  • step(6) After Entering Your Code From Your Television Screen. You need to go on screen Where You Can Sign in or Sign Up if you Don’t Have a Roku Account You Can add to Pin On Your Roku Account. This pin will the next process to  Purchase On Your Roku Account.

  • step(7) After Creating your Roku account pin, You Will Need To Provide A Valid PaymentTo Make a Convenient way Of Purchasing Contents From
  • After the completion of the Roku account, You Can Add Channels From the Roku Channel Store. some Channels On the Roku Account are have paid Subscription or some are independent so that you can use Your Cable Provider To Watch Content On Your Roku Streaming Player. You Can also Add Multiple Channels From Roku Channel Store To your Existing Roku Account.


Roku is a device that connects to your home network wireless and streams music movies and TV shows from the Internet to your TV .we are here to provide help to our customer with our products with and technical solutions By visiting our website customer are satisfied with the Roku support Quality and services. In the Roku device, it is generally used in homes and offices By providing Roku setup and configuration  In offices and homes network with laptop or desktops printers routers and other streaming devices of all brands.

Our Technicians help to assist and free from the worries and time consuming related to setup  problems and Make their work simpler and convenient. devices require setup and connect to the internet the same way your Roku media streaming devices to the operating system.

In that allows users to access and manage internet streaming content device provides all your favorite channels through a WiFi connection to an Internet with the help to connect to Roku TV.  Both free and paid Channels are also available they include services such as YouTube Google Play Movies and TV Netflix Hulu Plus.  You can also add or remove different Channels through the Roku Channel Store Play games get connected to your social networking and get more apps with over one million viewers and delivered 15 million channel downloads it is major in broadcasting media.

Roku devices also have channels for popular to children news educational comedy food and other categories of videos.  There are some channels which are absolutely free and same are paid or subscribe by channels packages.

Roku device has more than 4000 applications and games To do so we can also add that subscribed channel to the favorites. This device has one-stop entertainment for all your favorite TV shows and movies. Helps to Setup and troubleshoot  Roku device with Device With Help of Technical Experts.

To setup Roku, it is basically the same as the device with a few Roku extra boxes for the various inputs HDMI Av cable and Antenna. The Main advantage of a Roku its is a great entertainment from your home remote setup. On the Roku device. The mobile app is also available for media to your  Roku  TV and providing remote capabilities including voice talk. You can also find the location where you want to search for hotels or other places using Roku device WiFi Internet.  We can use the Roku device very easily it is a simple remote and has power style Features which is more and more entertainment.

How does work

Roku is a small setup box device which provides Unlimited streaming channels In which Roku user can get many free subscribe as well as paid subscription The users have to connect Roku device to their smart TV connected with HDMI cable and Roku remote. It has attracted a huge number of users today due to its amazing features.  Roku device is a very easy process to set up. Before you connect the Roku device always ensure that an Active internet connection is available to stream the contents of Roku in a good quality  You can also set up a Roku device by wired or wireless Internet connection.  choose some of the latest Roku devices like Roku Ultra Roku streaming stick Roku Express Roku Premiere and a few more. All the latest movies and videos are now streamed in good quality.  Best and popular channels are in high demand among the subscribers  You can add or remove some channels which you want to need.

Connect your Roku device to a power outlet and It will walk you through the setup process.  Before you connect the Roku device always ensure that an active internet connection is available to stream the picture in good quality. Setting up New Roku device always needed necessary items such as connecting cable Satellite TV or Internet connection. Roku devices are simple best and easy to set up.   Roku device comes with simply remote and amazing features like Roku search that gives you access to thousands of free online movies along this device.  There are Many Roku users who confront these challenges once a day because of the absence of understanding that

how to set up has also some streaming player devices that work through the HD cable Roku also gives some various models those are able to work through the cable. Here are some steps for how does Roku works.
Visit website sign up and fill the information After signing up you have successfully created the Roku account Enter the Roku activation code which you get while creating the Roku account. devices

There are many types of devices available                                                                          

  • Roku streaming stick
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku Express
  • Roku Express plus
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere plus

The Roku Device Brought Number Of Updated Features To Make Your Experience More Enjoyable.

Latest Roku device Box  You Can Access The Same Channel Accepting The Matter Which

  •  All Roku devices are designed to be connected to your TV.
  • The Network connection is Activate using an HDMI
  •  Roku streaming stick is directly inserted into the HDMI port of your TV.
  •  The Roku is in and connected to a internet through a router.
  •  The connection between the Roku player and the router can be a wired connection or a wireless.
  •  if it is wired connection you can connect with using Ethernet cable to install the connection.
  • If it is the wireless connection then you can connect through wifi network by entering username or password.
  •  All the connections are Installed you can activate your device with the activation code.
  • The code will Generate and displayed on your TV screen. Enter it and logging into your Roku account.

Roku is the most Popular streaming device in which The Roku device platform is most popular and comes with a choice of TV shows videos movies etc. To know how to setup your Roku account Complete your to Activate Roku Account You need to Make sure you Are Entering the in the URL only.

From there you Can Simply Follow the instruction On the Screen.  After Completing your setup you will See your TV Screen updating with the List of You Added From your Browser. If you want to Buy Movie from Roku TV Make sure to Add Your Valid Payment Method to the Roku Account and Provide a Correct Billing address Get your account Activate you can also Link your Device to any Existing Roku Account if you have one which enables you to Control the Roku Devices with the Help of just one Single account. In case you are having issue Setting it up, you can call us for Roku Technical Support or Roku Tech support Team.

  • visit website
  • Make sure that you have Good internet speed
  • submit activation code
  • You will see the next page you have to choose one option for that
  • the first option creates a new Roku account
  • the second option is logged in with the existing account
  • if you have already registered your Roku account choose the second option and enter your login detail
  • choose payment Gateway method for Roku activation link
  • Roku has 2 payment method first is credit card second is Paypal
  • After choosing payment method click submit button to proceed further
  • click on create PIN option to create transaction process
  • Enter a PIN number that you can remember easily
  • Now you can add channels to your Roku channel list
  • Hence your account creates successfully..



Roku Streaming devices has loads of availability and have a lot of high-quality providers and users, it is an easy way to access content from all your favorite channels such as Netflix Hulu and BBC through a single device Roku users have to do is sign up with a compatible service provider and set it up with their Roku device. Roku streamer gives you many choices of channels some have a cost but many are free. This Roku device provides a high quality of pictures so you can enjoy HD quality at reasonable

  • You need to complete the initial Roku. com /link setup process if you have a brand new Roku device
  •  This step is applicable for all Roku models including your Roku TV and Streaming Stick
  • Make the necessary wired and wireless connections with the help of the Quick Start Guide
  • Alternatively, you can obtain this information online on
  • Connect the device to your home network with instructions that appear on your  Roku TV screen
  • The device will then download the software and firmware by connecting to the
  • To setup  or call toll free number
  • You can use the Roku channel store to add New streaming channel games and many more
    our technicians are here to provide help in case you unable to see any picture on your Roku TV

If Roku users are facing troubling issues our well trained and highly experienced technicians are in our Roku Technical support team by providing optimal solutions and services for all your  Roku technical requirement. player

The player Channels can provide on-demand content or live streaming video. Both free and paid channels are available they include services such as PBS YouTube Google Play Movies and TV Netflix Hulu Plus Amazon Instant Video Crunchyroll, WWE Network  HBO Go Hasbro Studios and more.  You can add or remove different channels through the Roku Channel Store. Play games get connected to your social network and get more apps with over one million viewers and delivered 15 million channel downloads it is a major player in broadcast media.  Setting up the player In order to  In use the Roku player and activate Roku you just need to have either a TV or a computer. The thing you need to have is the high-speed internet. The faster the internet the better the video quality and sound quality. Individuals who purchased Roku stick or Roku media player can complete the setup guides. The Roku streamer has all the information needed to get set up right at your Roku setup  Use any of the payment methods like PayPal or credit card for subscribing the channels. You can add Most of the free channels with a simple click on the Add Channel option. ABC, CW, PBS, CBS, and YouTube are some of the best free channels which are available in Roku player

Roku player set up on TV

  • You can use the following steps to set up your Roku player on your TV
  • We can use the audio/video connection type available on your Roku TV is HDMI Component or composite type.
  • Then Connect your Roku player to the TV using the step by step cable.
  • See if you have a wired network or wireless network.
  • Power adapter should be connected.
  • Switch on the power to get the setup screen.
  • When asked for a network option just choose the appropriate option to connect to the internet.
  • The Roku player automatically downloads and installs the latest software.
  • Once the software installation is over the Roku Player reboots.
  • It restarts and displays a startup screen.
  • After setting the time zone it displays a unique code to link the Roku Player.
  • Type the URL on your computer
    Now enter the unique code displayed by the player here and click submit.
    Create a new account
  • Log in and set up a payment method.
  • Channel customization also could be done here.
  • Now the linking process is completed.
  • After the linking process, it refreshes and displays congratulations on your screen
  • Now your Roku player is ready to use. code activation

steps related to code activation are as follows

  • How can you use this link code to set your Roku account
  • Connect your Roku device to the TV set
  • Power on the TV set
  • Switch on the Roku player
  • Make sure the Roku player is connected to the internet
  •  You can connect using Ethernet cable or choose a WiFi mode depending on your convenience.
  • Look for the Activation code which appears on the top screen
  • Open your Web browser and Go to Roku website
  • Sign into your Roku account
  • Go to the Roku activation section
  • Do you see the Roku link code on your TV Copy the code exactly to your account?
  • Click submit after copying the code
  • After you click the submit button the code is activated and your Roku account is ready to be used.
  • Go to linked devices to my Roku account and find the device linked to your account.

Roku code link contains detail information about Roku devices their setup installation and troubleshooting The website aims to offer comprehensive information that will help you Activate your product and customize configurations according to your requirements. Through the Roku website, we also convey important tips about the Features and usability of the product.  Our backend team of Roku service providers is available round the clock to provide you with complete guidance pertaining to the particular solution of the product.

for more information visit official site code

Thank you for visiting the Roku Code Link. When you access our site, you confirm to agree fully with the terms and conditions listed for using the services by Roku Code Link. By using this site, you accept that the Terms forms a legally binding agreement between you and Roku Code Link. You may use our site for gaining information or guidance which is required for streaming gadgets and may contact us only for the purposes of Getting our service.  Use of Roku Code Link including the in-house resources beyond the accepted terms is prohibited Roku player has come up to the top position with an awesome design and a streamlined operation. With a bunch of entertainment channels, Roku ensures that its users never stay away from the entertainment. Roku account Setup is very basic and should be possible without taking the help of a specialist. The way toward setting up includes account to enter the Roku code, which you can get from the official site of the organization or can be sent to the mobile phone by means of SMS.


We are here to provide the latest the news and updates about Roku as well as any type of assistance in activation, add Roku channels, finding  Roku activation code and others.

  • comes in may different models Roku Ultra, Roku Express Roku Express Roku Premiere Roku Premiere+  Roku Streaming Stick.
  • With Roku. com/ link, you can see videos with amazing quality for 4K Ultra HD TV with 4X the resolution of full HD.
  • Get the Roku link code from your tv enter the code in the text field of the web page www.Roku/link by using a laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • Select payment information and Choose your favorite Channels.  Now you are finished and enjoying the happy streaming.
  • Say stream it will perform a voice search via your Android Apps.
  • If you buy a brand New Roku device you can use the search button on the remote as well.
  • Enjoy your new Roku device which can stream HD content material in 720p, 1080p or 4k resolution depending on the Roku player which you choose.